Explore our flexible Independent study program at Real Journey Academies.

This form gives clear expectations to students and parents about the expectations once they are enrolled in the Independent Study program. These were signed by parents and students when they enrolled.

The Independent Study program calendar is divided according to learning periods. As stated in the Learning Agreement signed, parents – students – teacher(s) must meet at the end of each learning period to discuss the student’s progress and also to discuss the next learning period’s expectations. This is a mandatory requirement for Independent Study families.

A rubric designed to facilitate honest discussions with parents regarding their children’s readiness for independent study. It should NOT be used as a tool to determine eligibility for enrollment, but instead use it as a resource to help identify specific areas where students may need additional support for success. 

A list of free (or nearly free) links to academic resources on the internet according to subject areas to help parents with additional online support at home so they can therefore support their students.