Instructional Delivery Options

Live Virtual Classes

Students are assigned to separate classes where all students are participating through 100% Virtual Instruction.

The 100% Virtual learning experience is delivered via a combination of live videoconference; supported by computer software, course content on the Internet, or some combination of both methods.  The instructor communicates with the students using online video (live or on demand), forums, instant messaging, and email.

Students attend live online meetings on specified “course schedule” and complete additional work independently.  Lessons are also recorded, giving students the flexibility to gain course content at a time convenient to them.

Students complete the same assignments as students participating through traditional in-person instruction, and interact with each other, as if they were in the room together.

Independent Study

Students complete work independently with regular check-in support meetings with a RJA Certified Teachers for each course.

Students complete independent study “packets” which are designed to support curriculum delivery, and measure student growth.  The curriculum is rigorous, and meets California educational standards.

Students meet in 3-week cycles with their assigned RJA teachers.  More frequent meetings can be scheduled.