Unleash Your Potential: Independent Study High School Awaits!

Explore the growing High School independent study program at Real Journey Academies.

Step into our High School Option:

Embark on the next chapter of education with our High School Option, where students take control of their own learning. Our program combines a rigorous curriculum with personalized support, preparing students for college and beyond. Join us in shaping futures, cultivating leadership skills, and achieving academic excellence.

why us?

Custom Learning Solutions


Access to Live Classes Online

Students have opportunities to step into real-time classrooms where teachers and classmates are just a click away. Synchronous opporunities along with the support of parents at home, allow students that ability to control of their learning experience.

Available Teacher Check-ins

Students experience personalized support with our 'Teacher Check-Ins.' Connect with teachers via email, Zoom, a phone call, or chat to receive guidance, ask questions, and stay on track with your learning goals. We're committed to your success, one check-in at a time.

Self-Directed Learning

Students have the freedom to explore subjects at their own speed. Our lessons are accessible through: online lessons or learning packets. Parents and/or students can choose the method that best suits their needs.